Mpira Foundation is working to advance community and economic development in Northern Malawi. We believe that partnership and collaboration can empower and unleash human potential no matter where we operate. We are providing community support to disadvantaged communities in the developing world who are building a brighter future for themselves. Our development assistance aims to empower subsistence farmers, further education for young people through sports programmes and provide practical and vocational training. Mpira Community Foundation is currently operating from Northern Malawi.

Our programmes:
Biodiversity (sustainable economic development).
Mpira Foundation is developing a Beekeeping & Biodiversity enterprise initiative with smallholder and subsistence farmers and pioneering partner-organisations in Southern Africa.
Sports. Mpira Foundation is collecting sports equipment and will be providing facilities and support programmes in places of education in Northern Malawi, supporting student attendance participation throughout primary, secondary and tertiary education.
Education. Mpira Foundation is funding and developing educational support programmes, including vocational training workshops with local partners.

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The Mpira Honey Co. – Malawi is working with local partners to alleviate poverty through beekeeping; developing sustainable incomes and enhancing environmental biodiversity and forest-stewardship in Kilupula and Mwenemisusu in the North of Malawi.

Our Bees & Biodiversity programme is a community-centric, smallholder farmer-driven project, lead by farmers for farmers. Alongside farmer cooperatives, we are working with local partners to deliver transformation sustainable economic empowerment in one of the world’s poorest regions.  We’re out to prove that looking after the environment does pay dividends!

Look out for  Mpira Honey Co. – Malawi soon…

Mpira Sports and Community initiatives.
Sporting futures 
school-based sports initiatives providing balls and equipment and facilities including pitches in places of education.
Grow… Malawi workshop-based vocational training and skills development for young people in rural Malawi.
Fields of dreams funding, developing and maintaining community-centric facilities including sports pitches, grounds, and gardens for public benefit and advancement of education.
Mpira community cycles providing affordable access to transport for the young, vulnerable and disadvantaged.