The Mpira Foundation is dedicated to community development through youth education programmes linked to play.
The Mpira Foundation provides sports equipment, facilities and supporting programmes in places of education in rural Africa, encouraging students attendance and participation in primary, secondary and tertiary education.

The  Foundation intends to fund and develop sports facilities and implement educational support programmes with local partners in rural Africa.

The Mpira team twinning programme partners sports teams in the UK with youth teams in our project regions. To find out more and to get involved contact us.

Donate your pre-loved Sports Balls & Kit

Send your pre-loved sports balls, kit and equipment to our schools programmes in Malawi.

Mpira Foundation Collections
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Twin your team with a Malawi team

Join our team twinning programme with our youth project teams in Malawi.

In many classrooms in rural Africa, dozens of students will share one textbook. Let alone have access to books of their own for their own interests. The Mpira Foundation aims to establish very modest, open-access Libraries at each of our project locations. We seek general educational text and picture books to supplement curriculum learning. Please get in touch to discuss donating.

Mpira Foundaion’s Community Cycles provides affordable bikes to rural communities. Affordable transport makes a life-changing difference to the rural poor, Mpira provides reconditioned pre-loved cycles.If you have a pre-loved bikes, please get in touch to discuss donating.

We build football pitches and netball courts

Alongside our local partners the Mpira Foundation aims to install and maintain quality playing areas for rural youth.

We provide balls and equiptment

Our Sports incentive programme provides facilities and equipment for rural youth who make a commitment to their education. Donate your pre-loved balls, kit and equiptment to rural students and sporting projects that keep kids in school. We believe Education is the key to unlocking the potential of every young person where ever they are in the world.

We fund Education extension programmes

Our School partners provide education extension programmes tailored to local needs and meeting students demands. We aim to implement vocational training programmes for project participants.

Libraries and Learning Centres

The Mpira Foundation exists to establish community development hubs to advance education. Alongside our sports facilities, we aim to establish open-access Libraries and address the Book Famine that afflicts many parts of rural Africa. We aim to provide a diverse range of curriculum supplementing text and pictures books for young readers and an open-access library of general interest and reference books for communities.